The Spending Review and Autumn Statement has been set out to Parliament – here’s a summary of what was announced.

1. £4 trillion of spending has been allocated by the government over the next five years

2. A £10 billion surplus by 2019-20

3.Tax credits

4. Introducing London Help to Buy and Help to Buy: Shared Ownership

5. Protecting the police budget

6. Local councils will get control over local taxes and provide extra support for social care

7. Half a trillion pounds for the NHS

8. The basic state pension will rise to £119.30 a week

9. Schools funding will be protected

10. The UK will meet its NATO target of spending 2% of national income on defence

11. The UK will continue to spend 0.7% of national income on aid

12. Part time season tickets and money back if your train is late

13. More money for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

14. Tampon tax: VAT from the sale of tampons will go towards women’s charities

15. Making the cost of going greener cheaper for households

16. Further detail set out on the Apprenticeship Levy

17. 300,000 homes better protected from floods

18. Millions of pounds of investment in transport, arts and science in the North

19. Museums and galleries will remain free

20. People will no longer be able to get cash compensation for minor whiplash claims


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