Castle and Pryor

With the positive outlook for the economy alongside a sensible but driven approach Castle & Pryor will continue to lead their specialist sector with the procurement of new equipment, and vehicles, whilst continuing a pro-active relationship with clients.


THE BACKGROUND The Film Industry in this country and specifically the South East is going from strength to strength with many Film Companies investing in new infrastructure and studios recently.  This provides potential work for local companies and opportunities to provide solutions to problems out of their normal working scope. At times, these film productions […]

D-Drill (Master Drillers) Ltd

Skilled concrete cutting experts worked under extreme pressure to get train services back on track after the side of a railway bridge collapsed onto one of Leicestershire’s main routes to London. D-Drill operatives were called in after the side of a railway bridge collapsed at Barrow upon Sour Railway Station, near Loughborough and had to […]


Conversion of a major York City centre office block into luxury flats has been completed 20 weeks early, thanks to an eleventh hour switch from conventional percussive demolition to more environmentally friendly concrete sawing and stitch drilling cutting techniques.

New Parking for Record Number of Travellers at London Heathrow Airport

2014 was a record year for passenger numbers at London Heathrow Airport, with over 73 million travellers passing through the airport. Like many airports, parking is at a premium and every inch of space needs to be maximised and used as effectively as possible. As part of an extensive five year refurbishment programme, the airport […]

Precision Drilling

Precision Drilling has begun preparatory work on the upgrade of Grimsby’s Royal Dock lock gates following the successful completion of similar concrete and drilling work at Port of Grimsby East.