Castle & Pryor were tasked to make a storage warehouse into one open space, removing the central dividing wall and then levelling the floor.

The wall was 3.6m high and 180mm thick and 82metres long. In order to remove it we had to form 127mm diameter diamond drilled holes through the upper part of the wall to act as lifting holes. This would enable a telehandler to hold them steady while we cut the wall free from the floor, using a track saw. These planks were then lifted away and removed from site. This technique was chosen so the wall sections could be re-used on other projects on the estate.

We made the cuts flush to the floor with a Tyrolit WSE 1217 track saw.

Video of track sawing –

We then needed to level the large 54mx2.9m floor area, by reducing it by 30mm. In order to do this it first needed to be cut into strips by our Tyrolit 1049 floor saw. This would assist with the breaking out of the concrete and would help provide a relatively flat and even finish to the bottom of the rebate.


Once the strip cutting was completed we broke out the concrete using our Husqvarna DXR 145 robot with a wide bolster chisel. 

Video of forming rebate –

The warehouse will be used for the storage of Winter Wonder Land in Ascot while out of season.