This note explains CITB’s support for Carillion apprentices and the wider Carillion workforce and supply chain. In addition, it provides relevant contact details for employers interested in supporting any members of the Carillion workforce and broader supply-chain at risk of redundancy.

We are asking for you and your members to:

 Get engaged with our social media campaign and share our posts in support of Carillion apprentices, and the wider Carillion workforce and supply-chain. To do this, follow us at:
 Encourage employers interested in taking on Carillion apprentices to email or call 0344 994 4010.
CITB Apprenticeship support
 CITB’s project team was set up on Monday 15th Jan, seeking to contact and place 1400 Carillion apprentices.
 Events have been arranged for today and tomorrow across the country to offer support for Carillion Apprentices, with approximately 400 learners registered to attend so far.
 The bulk of Carillion apprentices are located in Birmingham, Black country (Dudley, Bristol, Gateshead, Glasgow, Kent (Sittingbourne), Manchester, Liverpool, Southampton and Sunderland.
 90% of learners have received a phone call offering support and to arrange a face-to-face discussion with a CITB apprenticeship officer.
 We have established a dedicated email address and telephone number for apprentices seeking support.
 Daily calls are taking place with ESFA discussions underway with Skills Development Scotland to determine the extent of the issue in Scotland and put measures in place to support these learners.The intent is to bring all affected apprentices into CITB Apprenticeships and for us to find, or preserve, suitable employers for them.
 CITB will have analysed locations, trades and how far along apprentices are in the duration of their apprenticeship by the end of Friday, when we will know the full extent of what we are dealing with.
 To encourage employers to take on these individuals, we currently plan to pay to in-scope employers an encouragement grant of £500 to take on a Carillion apprentice, with a further £500 retention grant after 6 months with them. This is in addition to any apprenticeship grants these employers are already entitled to.
 We have received considerable feedback from employers who are interested in supporting these apprentices.
 There is a dedicated web page offering support for Carillion apprentices or employers on our website at

Status of support for the wider Carillion workforce
 As part of our Memorandum of Understanding with DWP, we have agreed that they will set up a help line for any employers interested in taking on new staff, have vacancies or are interested in helping out in any way with redundant ex-Carillion employees or employees affected in their supply chain.
 Employers wanting to take on redundant staff should contact
 Additionally, we will launch an awareness campaign to stimulate vacancies for DWP and assist the industry meet skills gaps from redundant Carillion staff, who will be signposted to DWP.
 We would ask that all activity you are looking to undertake to support the Carillion workforce is linked to highlighting the support DWP will provide.
 DWP will send a letter today with details of how to access advice and support for affected Carillion employees.
Government and political engagement
 On Monday, 15 January, CITB contacted relevant Ministers and Government officials across The Cabinet Office and the Departments for Education (DfE), Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS and Work and Pensions (DWP). In addition, CITB is now in regular communication with civil servants from across these Departments as part of our efforts to support the successful placement of Carillion apprentices.
 We have also been in contact with relevant Shadow Ministers and Select Committee Chairs to inform them of the steps CITB is taking to support Carillion apprentices.
 David Liddington MP, Minister of State for the Cabinet Office, in an Emergency Statement to the House outlined the work the CITB task force will undertake to assist apprentices to seek new employment, in addition to working with the Education and Skills Funding Agency to find new training placements.
 On Monday our work was positively mentioned by the Permanent Secretary to the DfE, who informed the PAC committee that the department are finalising arrangements with CITB and that “it is looking encouraging that all apprentices will be able to continue learning thanks to the work we are doing with CITB”
 Gordon Marsden MP, Shadow HE and FE Minister for Labour, has offered his “thanks to CITB for being so quick off the mark” and any further support we need.
 On Tuesday, we held a conference call with Jamie Hepburn MSP, the Scottish Minister for Education and Training, to update him and his civil servants on the steps we are taking. He has offered the support of Skills Development Scotland in our work.
 Today, CITB will meet with the Education and Skills Funding Agency to discuss the details of our support arrangements.
 In Prime Ministers Questions, Catherine McKinnell MP said that “it’s not good enough [for Government] to pass the buck to CITB” to handle Carillion apprenticeships. The PM responded by saying that Minister for Skills was keeping a close eye on the situation.
 We further updated national and local government and political stakeholders on CITB’s progress yesterday afternoon.
 Sarah Beale will be attending a roundtable with Greg Clark MP, Secretary of State for BEIS, to discuss the impact and response to Carillion’s insolvency tonight.

Appendix 1: Media engagement (including social media)
 Mirror – Jeremy Corbyn accuses Theresa May of ‘negligence’ over Carillion as he slams the ‘broken system’ of outsourcing and privatisation – In a Prime Minister Questions dominated by the collapse of the super-firm, Theresa May was asked to explain why the government awarded contracts worth £2 billion to Carillion despite the warning signs. Article mentions CITB contact & support for affected apprentices.
 BBC News 24 – Sarah Beale featured in a live interview on BBC News at 5 with a Carillion apprentice from Birmingham
“Obviously these are very worrying times. There are 1400 Carillion apprentices and I’m delighted to say that I think we can make it less worrying for these individuals very quickly. We’re going to transfer these individuals wherever possible onto our training provision… We will be contacting people like Jay over the next few days…and hopefully match them with a training provider and employer.” Clip unavailable to share but feature on BBC Online and BBC Radio 2.
 Construction News – Contractors could be paid to take on Carillion apprentices
Contractors could be handed financial incentives to take on apprentices affected by the collapse of Carillion. CITB said it was formulating an ‘in-principle package’ that would see firms handed ‘apprenticeship transfer incentives’ for taking on displaced Carillion apprentices. Full story attached. Also reported in Construction Manager, FE News, Huffington Post and the Sunderland Echo.
 The Guardian: Carillion: what went wrong and where does it go from here? Key questions answered on the liquidation of the construction firm and its implications for staff. Article features comment from CITB.  The Times: Thousands of Carillion workers left in limbo As many as 1,400 apprentices could be caught up in the collapse of Carillion and 19,500 workers around the country are facing an uncertain future because the liquidation of the company effectively terminates their employment contracts. The Construction Industry Training Board said that with the impending demise of Carillion having been foreseen by the industry in the days since Christmas, it had moved to secure government support for apprentices affected by the collapse.  Construction Index: Carillion collapse: contingency plans kick in: Carillion has been on the edge of a precipice since its profits warning in July and subsequent posting of a £1.1bn interim pre-tax loss in September. Article includes quote from CITB’s CEO Sarah Beale. Read more here Also covered in Specification Online.  CITB also featured on Sky News. CITB also mentioned in a number of broadcast news features on LBC, BBC London , BBC Yorkshire & Midlands  Channel 4 should feature former Carillion apprentices and the steps we are taking to support them.  ITV and The Guardian are looking to do more stories with an apprenticeship angle and we will keep you updated.

Appendix 2: Social media engagement
 Social media reaction to CITB’s Carillion activity has been overwhelmingly positive with employees and employers giving praise to CITB for being proactive.
 Since Monday, we have shared links to the statement and support details for apprentices. Detailed metrics as below.
 Please see the social media activity document attached for individual tweets concerning CITB’s support for Carillion apprentices.
5 x CITB tweets have generated more than 45,000 impressions, 263 retweets and 158 likes. Key statements and campaign updates have been pinned to the top of our corporate channel so that any visitors receive the information front and centre.
2 x CITB Facebook posts have reached more than 26,000 users and generated 42 positive reactions. Most importantly, the post detailing support contact details for Carillion apprentices has been shared 200+ times as users cascade the message to their friends. Posts have been pinned to the top of our account to ensure that the message remains prominent during this period.
3 x posts to CITB LinkedIn page have pushed web traffic through to the CITB website. They have reached more than 49,000 professionals and generated 179 likes. Posts have been pinned to the top of our account to ensure that the message remains prominent during this period.