Enforcement action increased 8% during HSE 2016 intensive inspections

The HSE Board was informed on 7th December 2016 of the initial results following an HSE construction sector intensive inspection initiatives during 2016 which targeted small refurbishment projects. A total of 1840 work sites were visited and 2235 construction contractors were inspected during the initiative.

HSE inspectors found that:

  • Standards – 49 per cent of sites fell below the standard required to comply with health and safety requirements; and
  • Enforcement – inspectors served 741 formal Enforcement Notices (prohibition and improvement) and 1059 notifications of contravention. This represents an “8% increase on the 2015 initiative”.

Combining the enforcement notices and notifications of contravention indicates that 1800 Fee for Intervention (FFI) invoices will have been raised. The average value of a construction sector FFI invoice is running at £604. This suggests that the construction refurbishment initiatives reported may have raised over £1,000,000 under the HSE Fee for Intervention scheme.

Work at height and health hazards remain

The initiative found that (in common with previous initiatives) HSE Inspectors were required to deal with a number of immediate risks, especially poorly managed work at height.

In addition, the inspectors found significant health risks where workers were exposed to asbestos and dusts, particularly silica and wood dust.