In April, Husqvarna’s dust reduction accessory won the Safety Category at the Plantworx Innovation awards, the Construction Equipment Association (CEA).


When developing new products, accessories or diamond tools Husqvarna endeavours to look at ways of improving efficiency for the user as well as thinking about the users health and the surrounding environment.


Dust has been and still is a very topical issue within the construction industry, with the demolition and breaking of concrete an inevitable concern for many companies. Husqvarna has been aware that the regulation of dust particles while working with products such as DXR Demolition Robots would become more stringent and has therefore introduced a new Dust Reduction accessory solution.


This accessory is designed for all Husqvarna DXR robots and is to be used with tools including the SB 152/202/302 Atlas Copco breakers. It supplies water to the tool that is sufficient to bind the airborne dust, contributing to a better working environment and reducing the risk of the operator breathing harmful dust particles whilst demolishing.


The Dust reduction accessory also provides a more efficient and economical way of working by eliminating auxiliary equipment and freeing any additional workers that may have previously been engaged in holding a water hose to spray water in the work area.