B-line Ltd

At B-Line we have a strong sense of attaining our business goals and objectives. Our strongest and most important business objectives are to be efficient and safe.

In all facets of our business we strive to be lean and efficient from our supply chain to our project management systems and our on-site procedures. We have developed tried and tested systems and procedures to ensure that we remain an efficient company that benefits our clients as well as us.

Health and Safety takes precedence over anything we do. We have a proud record with regards to the health and safety of our staff and those that we work with. Our comprehensive policies and procedures, our method statements and risk assessment as well as site safety briefing form part of a rigorous structural system that ensures everyone who works within our vicinity is secure and protected


  • Bursting
  • Crushing
  • Drilling
  • Floor Sawing
  • Hand Sawing
  • Looping
  • Robotic Demolition
  • Track Sawing
  • Wire Sawing