Jointline Group

Red Rose Pavements Limited is an established contracting organisation specialising in many aspects of both Highway & Airfield maintenance works.

The company has the ability and expertise to work to the client’s specific requirements for any particular contract, large or small. All staff and operatives are directly employed with training and experience to offer the highest level of service.

Specialist services we can offer include:

• Laying of Pavement Quality Concrete

• Joint Sealing Works

• Saw cutting

• Application of Addagrip 1000 to concrete and asphalt surfaces

• Application of Miles Macadam Fuel Resistant Slurry Seal

• Application of Non-fuel resistant Slurry Seal

• Carriageway and Drainage Construction

• Resurfacing Works

• Over banding and Crack Sealing

• Recessed Jointing System (AS100)

• Over band Removal and Rubber Deposit Removal

• Addastone surfacing

• Epoxy Floor Coatings


  • Drilling
  • Floor Sawing
  • Hand Sawing
  • Looping