BuildUK call for engaging, relevant and interesting inductions

CDM 2015 requires that contractors provide each worker under their control with appropriate supervision, instructions and information so that construction work can be carried out without risks to health and safety.

The Principal Contractor or Contractor (on single contractor projects) must ensure a suitable Site Induction is provided to every site worker.

Site inductions should also be provided to those who do not regularly work on the site, but who visit it on an occasional (e.g. architects) or once-only basis (e.g. students). Inductions provided to escorted visitors need not have the detail that unescorted visitors require. Escorted visitors only need to be made aware of the main hazards and control measures.

What should and should not be included?

BuildUK has now published Guidance Note: Site Specific Health and Safety Inductions to help deliver site inductions with the objective of briefing the workforce on the health, safety and environmental aspects of the construction project on which they are about to work.

The guide adds that inductions should not be considered as health and safety training or a marketing opportunity and should never be boring adding:

“A great site induction will provide all this information and motivate the workforce to behave appropriately on site and contribute to improving health and safety practices across the industry. Build UK members support this guidance note as recognised best practice for the delivery of consistent site inductions.”