Auto-enrolment is affecting every UK employer with more than one employee. It means that every employer will have to meet the legal requirements to auto-enrol their workers into a workplace pension scheme and make contributions on their behalf.

The date it will affect your company is called your ‘staging date’. The Pensions Regulator will send a letter 12 months ahead of your company’s staging date to make you aware of auto-enrolment and remind you to plan for it. If you have your company’s PAYE reference to hand, you can go to The Pensions regulator’s website to find out your date.

What you need to do and how The People’s Pension can help

You should start planning well ahead of your staging date to ensure it all runs smoothly. There’s a lot to think about – who needs to be automatically enrolled, choosing a pension scheme, linking with payroll, communicating with your employees. B&CE’s guide, ‘Don’t be clouded by automatic enrolment’, is a good place to start.

Launched by B&CE to provide an auto–enrolment solution, The People’s Pension provides support at every step of the process. Its exemplary customer service is combined with a low 0.5% all inclusive Annual Management Charge (AMC).

What’s more…

If you were a customer of B&CE on 31 January 2012 for any of B&CE’s products, and remain so until your staging date, your employees will benefit from an exclusive 0% AMC. This 0% AMC applies to all your employees’ funds in The People’s Pension during the 12 months following your staging date.

Visit The People’s Pension website to watch their short video and see how they can help make auto-enrolment simple.