The Drilling & Sawing Association (DSA) flung open its training centre doors to offer an insight into how diamond drilling and concrete plays a major role in the construction process.

It was part of Open Doors, a week-long event delivered by Build UK from 18 to 23 March, which enables people to visit construction sites, facilities and workplaces across Great Britain and see the range of careers available in the industry.

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Students, aged from 13 to 17, from Crisp Vocational Provision in Bulwell and CP Riverside in Nottingham were given a briefing on the opportunities available in the specialist sector – including specialist applied traineeships – before they were given the chance to have a go at drilling, as well as using a remote-controlled demolition machine which has similar controls to games consoles.

Julie White, the managing director of D-Drill & Sawing, chair of Build UK and chair of the DSA, said more than 5,000 people had booked on to visits during Open Doors 2024, with 220 events taking place throughout the week.

She said: “Open Doors has been a huge success across the UK and I was delighted to be able to come across to Nottingham to be part of this wonderful event.

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“The construction industry’s workforce is crying out for a new generation to come through and events like this are a unique way to inspire visitors and let them really see what our industry has to offer.

“It was great to see so many young people who had no idea what diamond drilling and concrete sawing was before the day having the confidence to get stuck in and have a go!

“It’s the best way to show off what’s great about our industry by letting people touch, see and feel for themselves.

“More trade associations have taken part in Open Doors and showcased their specialist sectors this year, and the DSA has shown that it can contribute to the great success of the event.”

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Joel Vinsant, secretary general of the DSA, said: “We were delighted to be part of Open Doors 2024 and it was a tremendous success. Our trainers and our visitors thoroughly enjoyed it.” 

Pictured: Julie White with representatives of the DSA, D-Drill and visitors to the training centre